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Provide a fun, personalized support experience to new pet parents, with PawPath. It delivers bite-sized pieces of timely content to help them better understand their new fur babies, encourage good health and wellness, and handle common adoption pitfalls.

PawPath Features You’ll Love

Your pet parents will love the insightful content presented in a fun, easy-to-use mobile application.

Personalized Experience

PawPath users get an experience customized to their pet family. Personalization encourages more frequent and deeper interaction.

Anytime Access

Pet parents have 24/7 access to helpful tips and insightful articles. Total access facilitates higher pet parent engagement.

Top Notch Support

Shelters have 24/7 access to training videos and marketing materials to help you get started immediately with PawPath.

Stay Connected

Easily send customized messages anytime to your pet parents to encourage regular pet wellness checks, share shelter-specific news, and request donations.

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Focus on pets,
not paperwork

With PawPath, your pet adopters are empowered with the information they need to be the best pet parents they can be! This means fewer hours spent by your staff on the phone answering basic questions from nervous adopters. Your team can get back to your main-focus: caring for your pets and helping them find forever homes!


  • Ability to provide a valuable tool, post-adoption
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Fewer callbacks for basic care information
  • 24/7 access to great training content
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Your virtual

PawPath gives pet adopters the useful tips and insightful information needed to help their fur babies adjust and thrive in their new homes! It empowers new pet adopters to be awesome pet parents and helps keep adopted pets where they belong: in their forever homes!


  • A fun, personalized journey through pet-parenthood
  • Timely information to ease the stress of pet transition
  • Anytime access to helpful tips and insightful articles
  • Easy to use mobile website

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What Member Shelters Say

Don’t just take our word for it.
Here’s what folks just like you had to say about using PawPath in their shelters.

“PawPath acts as a great learning tool for our pet owners to get all of the necessary information right at their fingertips, whether it be on their phone or computer.

PawPath provides our adopters with an up-to-date, fun and enjoyable resource to help enrich their bond with their newly adopted family member! We feel our adoption process is enhanced from the moment of adoption through the follow-up process which we value. We like to keep our adopters connected to the Monmouth County SPCA family.

As a result, we believe this will help keep these pets in their forever homes.”

Isa Fowler

Monmouth County SPCA

“One of the challenges we face when it comes to getting information to our new adopters is making sure it is up-to-date, fun and enjoyable, and readily available for them when necessary.

Recent pet adopters need information quickly and right when they need it. PawPath fulfills these needs perfectly. The site not only provides an entertaining interface, but an engaging one at that.

Based upon reporting data, 50% of our new pet adopters used PawPath at least once a week and the feedback we’ve received has been promising.”

Abby Berenbak

Executive Director,
Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter

“We were looking for a new way to follow up with recent pet adopters to ensure that they had the best tools necessary to understand and care for their new pets.

For us, this meant choosing a fully automated digital solution that was offered to us by the Zoetis For Shelters (ZFS) Program. They recommended PawPath to deliver a fun, entertaining, educational experience to new pet adopters throughout their journey, in bite-sized pieces via a mobile app.

We look forward to staying connected with our recent adopters and appreciate the partnership with ZFS.”

Veronica Fincher

Animal Services Director,
Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care and Services

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